Killer Refrigerator 1

Michael Savino and Mark Veau‘s passion to produce outlandish film and video content

started immediately after meeting at college in the early 1980s. In 1985 they produced

what would unwittingly become one of the most talked about VHS collector titles in B-Horror movie history, the infamous,  “Attack Of The Killer Refrigerator.”

Distributed to over 5,000 video stores, “Attack Of The Killer Refrigerator” would go on to become so highly desired, that lists it at #10 of the rarest VHS tapes ever produced. Original Donna Michelle/Media House VHS copies have sold online for over $1,200.

They followed “Attack of the Killer Refrigerator” with “The Hook of Woodland Heights” and the Houston International Film Festival Gold Award winning film, “Days Before Christmas.”  These are currently in a worldwide distribution agreement.

Michael and Mark continued writing screenplays completing: “Snapper, the Man Eating Snapping Turtle, “ “MHz, “ “Tainted Love,”  “AM/FM” and “Attack of the Killer Refrigerator 2.”  Each script is  feature length with genre bending concepts.”  The duo also has a streaming concept, “Room 214,” a campy look at health care.

A trailer was created for Snapper which became the topic of a multi-award winning documentary titled, “Snapper, the Man Eating Turtle Movie That Never Got Made.”

The team is driven to bring “Attack of the Killer Refrigerator 2” to B-horror fans around the world.


The high school party of the year is about to be sliced, diced and iced by a maniacal metal appliance.  Can a group of survivors overcome its deadly wrath or will they be frozen in its wall of souls forever?


Fifteen year old Fred LaVigne, president of the Attack Of The Killer Refrigerator fan club, wins the Refrigerator movie prop in an online auction.  His sister Molly, is planning the party of the year at their spacious Victorian mansion. Samantha Ryan, the most popular girl in school - complete

with her own traveling Posse - reluctantly dates Derek Sanders, Fred’s arch enemy and romantic rival.  Molly’s party quickly comes to an end when the Killer Refrigerator comes to life.


The Refrigerator’s shark-like teeth emerge making it a lethal predator. Along with its unusual arsenal of condiments used as weapons, the Killer Refrigerator eliminates the mansion full of teenagers in most shocking fashion. The Refrigerator’s lair, the electrical room in the mansion’s basement, is home to the Breaker Box. Guarded by an army of Zombies, they keep the electricity, the Refrigerator’s lifeblood, flowing. The survivors develop a plan to kill the Refrigerator and escape.


Reanimated, the Refrigerator takes on a shocking personality in a deadly cat and mouse chase against the remaining teenagers. Rivalries within the group threaten the chances of beating the Refrigerator.  The Refrigerator’s lair sets the scene for an epic battle between man and machine.  Can Fred beat the Refrigerator’s wrath and win Samantha - or - will he be frozen in the Refrigerator’s icebox forever?  A twist at the end will have you wondering why you didn’t pick up on it sooner.

You’ve never seen a killer like this…

A 1948 residential refrigerator- state of the art and built to last.

The Refrigerator is a tank - heavy, strong and deadly... this killing machine can rip through flesh and bone with ease using its shark-like teeth and bear trap-strength bite. It’s Ice Box houses an arsenal of unique weapons with food and leftovers as ammunition. It savors its victims’  flesh, bones and blood with its massive tongue before swallowing the remains into its frozen gullet and turning the victims into his personal army of Zombies.

The Refrigerator goes beyond the freon and metal as it terrorizes, sensualizes and cracks a few jokes in the process of enjoying its victims.  An evil appliance has never been so entertaining.  

FRED LaVIGNE - fifteen, the ultimate “Attack Of The Killer Refrigerator” fanboy, owns a large collection of memorabilia from the movie. Fred was raised mainly by his sister Molly as their parents are socialites, always ready to jet off for a good time. Fred’s rebellious attitude towards his sister conflicts with the love he does have for her.  Fred’s crush on Samantha interferes with her boyfriend Derek.

MOLLY LaVIGNE - Fred’s older sister is the most popular girl in school. Her personality is funny and friendly. Yet, she can be stern, especially toward her brother Fred.  Her goal is to have the party of the year and move on to college…And nothing is going to ruin it.

SAMANTHA RYAN - Molly’s best friend.  Samantha is a tough and beautiful female high school senior. A jock on the field, yet fashionably sexy during class.  Everyone wants to be her friend. Her persona has such magnetism that she has attracted a group of hormonal freshmen who follow her and act as a personal concierge. She pays no attention to them as she has had a “Posse” all of her life.  

DEREK SANDERS - Samantha’s boyfriend. Tall, dark and handsome is our first impression of him.  Bully is the second impression.  Derek is always proving that he is better and knows more than everyone else.  His relationship with Sam is constantly in strife because of his dog-like, controlling attitude towards Sam and everyone else. Derek doesn’t like anyone who gets in his way.  Fred gets in his way.  

Down in the dark basement pulses the Wall Of Souls.

Once you become a victim, you are recycled through the Killer Refrigerator’s control over the mansion’s electrical grid.  Passed into another realm, you are doomed to serve in the appliance’s army of zombies where you’ll stand guard at the Breaker Box for eternity against any attempts to disrupt the power, the Refrigerator’s lifeblood.

Not even the family cat is safe from this fate!

There is no place as spooky, or as scary, as an old Victorian mansion.

Our selected location is perfect for the party scenes and everything that comes after. The large rooms and high ceilings are spooky in their own right without our extraordinary set decorations.  There’s plenty of room to run, hide and die.

The film opens in black and white, showcasing the harsh environment of a working factory in 1948. The repetitive metal stamping sound gives a grating edge to the scene.

Dark shadows are illuminated by flashing welding stations, revealing steam punk-uniformed workers building the era’s most popular refrigerator. The black and white film is broken by the red of the blood splatter from an industrial accident.  The screen transitions to the muted colors of modern day.

Fred and Molly’s Victorian mansion is the perfect setting for the party of the year.  When their parents leave for the weekend, the mansion changes to a full-blown party scene with DJ, flashing lights, smoke and hundreds of toga clad high school kids ready to party.  These aren’t toga’s from the old days, these kids are wearing highly-designed, creative togas reflecting fashions never before seen.  

When the Refrigerator comes to life, the look of the film transitions from the richness of the party’s palette to a colder, darker, harsher-toned setting, in a rotten leftover sculpted world.  As the house comes under the Refrigerator’s control, different floors reflect a refrigerator-like structure.

Third Floor: Freezer - frigid, cool blues,  frosty whites and cool character skin tones. Walls are frosted. Windows are frozen shut with dirty ice.

Second Floor & First Floor: Crisper - dark greens, moldy blacks fill the corners and cracks of the rooms.  Overhead fluorescent lighting forces the character’s eye sockets to go black, giving them a drawn, ghoulish green look.

The Basement:  Electrical Room - the Refrigerator’s lair, illuminated by an electrical breaker box pulsing with cool tones. Dripping with melting stalactites, the cavernous low key setting is crawling with Zombies who blend in with the environment. Sparks fly and metal clashes as the octagon encloses the combatants in the battle climax.

All Refrigerator killing sequences will be shot hand-held to draw the viewer in and increase the frenzied pace of the action.

The goal is to use as many practical effects as possible.

Attack of the Killer Refrigerator 2 has everything a film needs to be successful:

1. Unique title with name recognition, distribution history and continually growing fan base.

2. Low production budget.

3. An action packed 103 page script with unique characters and horror situations geared toward to 13-26 year old audience.

4. The commitment of seasoned talented professionals focused on making a stand out horror film.

We are looking for some excited partners to join us and bring this unique film to the horror fans around the world.  

Please contact Michael or Mark directly with any level of interest or financial commitment.



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